This, the Ride On McLaren P1, is the first all-electric P1 from McLaren. It just so happens to be a children’s toy car, however – but quite the toy car it is. The electric P1 is aimed at a somewhat exclusive group of the brand’s customers: those between three and six years of age. Resplendent in Volcano Yellow, the Ride On P1 will hit its top speed of 3mph in just two seconds. Mimicking the classic McLaren F1, mini racers will enjoy a “central driving position” and “open roof configuration” (McLaren’s jovial way of referring to the lack of roof). An MP3 player audio system comes as standard, helpfully pre-programmed with a selection of nursery rhymes. But Brogue’s favourite feature is the Ride On P1’s signature dihedral doors, which were such a hit on the design’s big brother.