Just how do you progress from wraparound UHD screens in the perpetual quest for the next big thing in TV innovation? At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show Samsung is making a strong case for ‘quantum dots’, the nano-crystal semiconductors tasked with transmitting intricate shades of light and colour to its new line of SUHD TVs (exactly what the ‘S’ stands for is anyone’s guess).

The upshot of this new slant on panel design is reassuringly vivid depth, brightness and energy efficiency. Of course, whether you want a curve on that is up to you, although a glance at the S9W (the manufacturer’s flagship 82-inch 4K set designed by Yves Behar’s fuseproject studio) might prove the deciding factor. The display has a super-wide aspect ratio of 21:9, and the chic cube upon which it perches doubles as an integrated sound system and motorised stand, the latter ensuring you always get the best view in the house.