Vintage hi-fi console systems, the kind that were pieces of furniture in their own right, are things of beauty. Indeed, there have been a few companies recently making up-to-date versions of such items (take a look at the very nice Ruark R7, for example). However, wouldn’t it better to take your old, much-loved music system and retrofit it for the digital age? That’s exactly what Digizik is offering with its Søbel brand. This Belgian home audio company places modern tech into old-school furniture, removing the antiquated electronics in favour of kit that can access all your digital files, including streaming services such as Spotify, as well as adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Should you not own your own cabinet to be refreshed, never fear, Søbel will source one for you and make a system to your specifications, and include respected components such as a NAD D 7050 amplifier and B&W 685 speakers. These systems will cost thousands, naturally, and will take time to produce, but the union of classic style with cutting edge performance should be well worth the wait.

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