Sonos makes excellent multiroom speakers, and it’s kit is simple to set up and operate via the company’s app – but now they want to make it even easier with the brand’s new Alexa-enabled speaker, the Sonos One. Available globally on October 24, the One will not only be tied to Alexa, apparently Sonos’s new smart speaker will be capable of supporting multiple voice assistants – good news if you prefer Siri or Google Assistant. What this all means is that as well as producing a fine speaker with two Class-D digital amplifiers, one mid-woofer and one tweeter, you will now be able to control the entire multiroom setup using just your voice (thanks to a six far-field microphone array). The One is very similar in look and size to the existing Play:1, and like its sibling, the Sonos One can act as a standalone speaker or be wirelessly paired for stereo, or used in with a PlayBase or PlayBar for a thunderous home cinema surround sound experience. Brogue particularly likes the design of the One, which is almost identical to the lovely Limited Edition Play:1 from 2015 with its white with white matte grille or black with black matte grille colour options. Finally, the One is smart enough to automatically lower the volume when you talk to it so you don’t have to shout over music.


Buy from the 24th October, £199,