The Sonos Playbase is the first new speaker for the multiroom system brand since 2013, and it aims to fix the problem with the Playbar – no one was wall-mounting the soundbar. So, Sonos went back to the drawing board to create this stylish number, a soundbase that is designed to sit under the TV instead. Inside the 58mm high Playbase are 10 custom drivers with dedicated amplifiers – six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer. If you want to rest your TV on the Sonos Playbase itself, then thankfully the speaker can withstand weights of up to 34kg. If you already have Sonos, the big plus here is that not only will the Playbase work with your existing TV remote but all you need to do to create a 3.1 system is add in a Sonos Sub, or if you want 5.1 then bring in two Play:1s. Available start of April.

Buy from Sonos, £699