When it comes to cameras, Brogue likes a combination of simplicity and performance, so we are delighted that Sony has just upgraded its superb point-and-shooter, the RX100 V. This remarkable machine can capture an amazing 24 RAW images per second for 150 shots with its new image processor and built-in RAM chip. The Fast Hybrid auto-focus system is supposedly the world’s quickest with acquisition at 0.05 seconds over some 315 auto-focus points. Even though it boasts the same 20.1-megapixel resolution and one-inch sensor, the RX100 V can record 4K video at 30/24 fps for up to five minutes. Other features of note? Built-in WiFi, built-in neutral-density filter, flip-up screen, super slow motion recording at up to 1,000fps. Brogue also likes the accompanying new £320 rugged underwater housing (MPK-URX100A). With this case you can take your RX100 V down to depths of 130ft (40m) or up on the ski slopes and still use the built-in flash.

£1,000 sony.co.uk



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