If you like your technology to make a design statement, Sony’s new ZD9 100-inch TV is nothing short of jaw-dropping. This new £60k flagship set from Sony boasts Ultra HD 4K and HDR (high dynamic range), plus an on-board processor giving it 40 percent more power for visual tinkering. Some examples? The “object-based HDR remaster” system can pick individual objects in a picture for upscaling, so it doesn’t boost the entire picture’s contrast and colour; the new Backlight Master Drive gives the TV full control of each single LED, rather than larger zones. What one ends up with is a set with new levels of contrast and realism. Perhaps the greatest compliment Brogue can offer is that it looks like a rich, deep OLED screen, only much brighter. As for a design statement, the ZD9’s slate bezel is trimmed with real gold, while the rear of the TV features only a subtle grid pattern inspired by Japanese lattice windows. All cables are hidden and run down through the floor stand and out one leg, while input ports are covered by a matching grid panel. The result is a television almost as beautiful from behind as it is from the side or front.

€78,800 sony.co.uk

sony 100_ZD9_Z9D_front_screenfill_floorstand