This is the new Pirelli 1900 flagship from Tecnorib and it marks the next rigid inflatable boat, RIB, made under license as part of the Pirelli Design project. The idea behind the 1900 is to add the design features of much bigger yachts to the characteristic sportiness you get with a RIB. Tecnorib has been working with Pirelli since 2005 and will show off its new flagship boat at the Cannes boat show. A new recognisable and fitting feature for the Pirelli RIB range is shown on the 1900 with the tread pattern of the brand’s wet tyre used in top track races appearing on the inflatable tubes. Tecnorib is stating that the craft will have “unprecedented levels” of versatility, handleability and sportiness – which is all well and good. But when your boat looks this good, why would you want to tear by potential onlookers at speed when a more sedate pace allowing an appropriate level of admiration seems much more apposite.

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