Pocket-sized synthesizers? Brogue remembers when synths were the size of a butcher’s block. These diminutive players are the result of a collaboration between Cheap Monday and Teenage Engineering, the company that brought us the beautiful OD-11 speaker. The Pocket Operators come without a casing, so the components are visible on the printed circuit board. Despite their size, these mini machines are bristling with audio tech: Silabs EFM 32 gecko CPU, Cirrus logic DAC, built-in Knowles speaker, real synthesizer engines, punch-in effects, 3.5mm input and output, compressor, 16-step sequencer, LCD screens – there’s even an alarm clock and folding wire stand. Pick from three models: the PO-12 Rhythm drum machine, PO-14 Sub, a bass line synth, and PO-16 Factory, a melody/lead synthesizer. And all come at a impressively affordable price. No excuse not to get ‘creative’, then.

€59 teenage engineering