There are many elements to applaud on the new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze. Tudor has form with diver watches, especially with the superb Pelagos with its expandable metal strap that tightens around one’s wetsuit as increasing water pressure forces the neoprene to compress, but this new 43mm bronze version of the Black Bay diver, waterproof to 200m, is the first Tudor to have their in-house MT5601 movement with a 70-hour power reserve. What’s more, bronze, usually an alloy of copper and tin, is modified here with added aluminium to regulate the amount of distinctive (and bespoke) patina that forms on the case. Incidentally, of all the bronze alloys, aluminium bronzes are the most suited for marine use as they are more corrosion resistant and even fight off colonisation by barnacles (should you wish to leave your BBB in the ocean for a few years). Two straps are included, including a nicely aged leather number, but Brogue prefers the stylish woven fabric strap (pictured below).



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