We’ve all been there – you’ve purchased a perfectly decent super yacht and now, quite naturally, desire a personal submarine. Trouble is, most private subs are too large to fit neatly within the confines of a standard gin palace. The good people at U-Boat Worx, however, have a solution – the Super Yacht Sub 3. Capable of taking three intrepid divers to a depth of 300 metres, it is specifically designed to be very small and very light: just 171cm in height and 3,500 kg in weight, to be precise. This means it will stow away on a yacht with relative ease. Inside, creature comforts range from leather seating to air-con. The on-board battery system is good for up to 12 hours under the waves, but Brogue’s favourite feature is the transferable Manta controller, letting passengers take it in turns to steer the sub.

€1,750,000 U-Boat Worx

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