The trouble with high-visibility exercise clothing is that unless you are careful one can tend to look like you are repairing a railroad or highway. Also, the material used to make the garments reflective can be stiff and not breathable. This is where Vollebak’s new Black Light clothing line comes in. Not only have they managed to hide the hi-vis tech so the entire range comes in a Brogue-friendly black, but also due to the many layers available you are not wedded to keeping your jacket on, say, on a night run to make sure your remain visible. Black Light, described as “the world’s first all-black high-vis sports gear”, includes four different layers, all with the proprietary high-vis technology. How does it work? Small discs covered in more than 60,000 microscopic glass beads are strategically placed on the garments. These discs appear matt black in daylight, but glow bright white when lit up at night by headlights or streetlights. No more need for Day-Glo running garb, now you can have one set of kit that will serve for both midday and night workouts – and look equally good doing both.

From £70