In Brogue’s ideal home life, we would prefer fresh flowers every day – which is why it is so important to own a stylish vase, one like the Willmann vase by Menu. Rather than looking like the kind of receptacle that adorned your grandparents windowsill, the Willmann, designed by Hanne Willmann (who, in Brogue’s opinion, creates superb products), is modern, minimal and attractive enough to hold your fresh blooms or simply be an objet d’art in its own right. The theme is the union of the strong and the breakable as the Willmann consists of a heavy concrete cylindrical top section that sits on top of a socket of glass, making it appear as if the concrete itself is floating. “With the Willmann, my ambition was to play with contrasts and the fragility of glass,” says its creator. “The concrete is set above the glass, so you can only see the stalk of the flowers. It is great when products surprise at first sight.” And this certainly does, and at 20cm by 12cm, it should fit anywhere within the home. Available through Menu, and Skandium in the UK, Brogue has to applaud design that takes the mundane and renders it desirable. The Willmann is very simple, and just a little bit clever – much as we aspire to be.

Buy now, £70, Menu