Since founder Adrian Zecha opened Amanpuri, Phuket, in 1988, the Aman resorts have come to epitomise that rare brand of luxury getaway where privacy and tastefulness go hand in hand with faultless service and jaw-dropping vistas. Today there are 28 Amans spanning 19 countries and, for anyone with some serious time on their hands, you can now book the ultimate break through Ampersand Travel: a year-long trip taking in each and every resort from Cambodia to Courchevel. Naturally Ampersand has engineered the itinerary to ensure guests get the best possible weather at each destination, with your personal likes and dislikes whispered from one general manager to the next – no one wants to have to ask twice, right?

Year at Aman, from £220,000 each including Business Class flights at Ampersand Travel